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#perfect #funny #father #dad



#perfect #funny #father #dad


"The lasting and ultimately most important reputation of a film is not based on reviews, but on what, if anything, people say about it over the years, and on how much affection for it they have."

Stanley Kubrick (July 26, 1928 – March 7, 1999)

Love love love this man


“intelligence is intuitiveyou needn’t learn to loveunless you’ve been taughtto fear and hate” 
-Saul Williams   Said the Shotgun to the Head


“intelligence is intuitive
you needn’t learn to love
unless you’ve been taught
to fear and hate” 

-Saul Williams   Said the Shotgun to the Head

And the battle’s just begun;

There’s many lost, but tell me

Who has won?

Saul Williams - Sunday Bloody Sunday


hearing joan baez sing sad eyed lady is enough to bring on an entirely different look on your life


Joan Baez and Frank Zappa, 1978

get to know my music
  • 1:

    put your iPod on shuffle and tell me the first 10 songs

  • 2:

    favorite song?

  • 3:

    favorite genre?

  • 4:

    5 songs of your favorite genre

  • 5:

    3 songs you would like to hear at a party

  • 6:

    favorite bands/singers?

  • 7:

    favorite cover song

  • 8:

    10 happy/positive songs

  • 9:

    10 depressing/sad songs

  • 10:

    10 instrumentals

  • 11:

    make a playlist for my name

  • 12:

    make a playlist for a word I'll give you (e.g. "horror" = make a playlist with creepy songs)


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